Earlier work

With all the discussions about Neighbourhood Plans it is worth noting that the LTP carried out a market town health check in 2006. The findings were updated in 2008 see attached report: Full report Health Check2008. From this a range of different projects were pursued by the partnership in the following years.

A copy of our previous Annual Reports  are attached here:




Annual Report 2015 – 16 and accounts

North Street developments – keeping a watching brief. The LTP has held various discussion forums on these plans and at its 2016 AGM invited Clive Wilding from the developers Santon to bring us up to date.

LTP 2016 AGM discussion session – with Clive Wilding from Santon, developer of the North Street Quarter

Clive was introduced and pointed out that although he is the owner of some of the site in question LDC owns a part of it as well. Santon is the overall developer. Planning permission is in place since July 2016. Demolition and clearance of the first phase of the site will begin soon. Two businesses are relocating to Malling Brooks. Compass buses will move to Cliffe industrial estate. Heritage surveys have been undertaken and any industrial or preindustrial finds will be published.

There is a process in place for ongoing communication via a Sounding Board which has town council, Friends of Lewes, Lewes Community Land Trust, LDC, Chamber of Commerce and LTP on it. Debby Matthews attends on behalf of the LTP and invited Clive to the meeting today as many people are very unaware of what is about to happen now on the site as it seems to have “all gone quiet”. She asked him in particular to focus on the issues of affordable housing and the planned Health Hub.

1. Affordable housing

The majority of the affordable housing will be in phase I, English Partnerships (quango) are involved in bidding. Local authority still deciding if it will be the housing provider. 50% will be for first time buyers for local people with low deposit schemes. This will be the first in the South East.

Subsidised housing will include shared ownership and social rent. The tendering will be announced in Spring 2017. The Lewes Community Land Trust will be looking to develop 15 houses.

2. The proposed new Health Hub

This will be a series of buildings around a public atrium to include all of the local doctors, the North Street dentist, plus other therapists and a children’s nursery. It will include a coffee bar and local art exhibitions. It has “CQC approval”. There will be office space for other health providers. Public car parking will be free.

There then followed an extensive Q&A session, download the full report here LTP 2016 AGM discussion session

Previous LTP work:

Footpaths in and around Lewes: Funding was secured to create a map leaflet to aid walkers – whether visitors or locals – to locate the best routes in and around the town. It links the town to the South Downs Way.These colourful and informative leaflets were launched at the Societies Fair in July 2012. Many thanks to our funding partners Lewes District Council, Lewes Town Council, the PCT and Harvey’s. This was updated and reprinted in 2014 with support from the SDNP and Lewes District Council after all of the first 10,000 original copies had been distributed. The full 20,000 copies have now all been given out and there is demand for a reprint which will be explored in 2016/7, see  lewes-footpath-map-final-art-revised-low-18-10-13

Tourism in Lewes: how well does Lewes welcome its visitors? Jackie Blackwell of Lewes District Council Regeneration department joined us at the 2015 AGM along with Kevin Miller from Lewes Football Club explained how the club is working hard to promote Lewes in various aspects. The club is one of only forty fan-owned clubs in the country.

The room broke up into two groups, each discussing ‘How does Lewes town welcome its visitors?’, looking at what the town does well and not so well.

Positive aspects included: festivals, trips out, events, independent traders, history, architecture, local knowledge, high quality/cultural, high standard accommodation, independent spirit, personalities/historical; good for learning about culture, environment, heritage; community involvement; tourist info centre.

Areas for improvement included: Christmas shopping/decorations/atmosphere,  signposting around town, accessibility for disabled visitors (including to hotel rooms and disabled-access WCs in restaurants), difficulty of reaching major sites such as Charleston without public transport, lack of signposted cycle routes through town linking up NCR90, parking, lack of use of the river, car parking, not having a one-stop shop for promoting events at our numerous venues. The Board is following up some of these during 2016.

Health and social care: The 2014 AGM heard about the East Sussex Better Together project drawing together health and social care funding into one pot. The issue-1-east-sussex-better-together-briefing-september-2014 was distributed.  We were joined by Alan Keys High Weald, Lewes & Havens Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), and Paula Gorvett (working for three CCGs and East Sussex CC)

 Areas discussed included:

  • The introduction of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) – these soon will be compulsory for each surgery, and involve participation by patients; all three surgeries in Lewes now have a PPG.
  • CCGs came into being April 2013. Primary Care Trust for East Sussex now has been split.
  • CCGs get about £25 per patient. High Weald Lewes and Havens has 164,000 patients, with a £200m budget which has to be cut by 10% this year to £180m for community services; this does not cover GP practices.
  • The introduction of CCGs is leading to significant changes in day-to-day operation; there is a real drive now to improve the quality of care and to get groups and individuals more involved and to work together. Improvements in data helps to compare the performance of hospitals better. They would like to employ more people in community services.
  • CCGs are able to challenge hospitals that charge more than others – they are monitoring what we are being charged.
  • They would like to cut some of the callbacks to hospitals where possible.
  • They want more localisation; we do have three good community hospitals, well supported by Friends Groups – Lewes, Uckfield and Crowborough. They can look at working together eg in purchasing equipment.
  • There was some concern in our audience about lack of primary care facilities in Lewes. Paula said that CCGs are grappling with clinical issues, and addressing the needs of the Havens, which has lower life expectancy.
  • Community services have been out to tender as there is dissatisfaction with the quality.

Paula outlined the East Sussex Better Together scheme

  • Paula’s team is looking at better ways to spend £925m East Sussex budget provided to the 4 commissioning organisations.
  • She explained that East Sussex spends slightly more on health per person than overall in GB
  • There is genuine commitment to integrating social care and health in East Sussex. Better Together encourages more joined up systems, fewer delays and less compartmentalisation. There is commitment to public engagement.
  • Bringing teams together will mean a single point of access for health and social care.
  • It is early days yet; the intention is to have integrated teams in place by middle of 2015.

Recycling :Our recycling coffee grounds project with Cafe Nero on the High Street has proved very successful. We have now expanded this to include Costa Coffee with financial support from the town council. You can get bags of coffee grounds outside or inside coffee shops in Lewes and take them home for composting! Ask the staff if you don’t see any.

Health services in Lewes came under the microscope on 10th October 2011 at the AGM of the Lewes Town Partnership. The people attending heard two informative speakers who outlined some of what may become of local health services in Lewes under the proposed NHS changes. Dr Anand Patel outlined how the local GP consortium (Lewes and the Havens) would plan and purchase heath care for patients. To describe the role of the new  Health & Wellbeing Board, Barbara Deacon came from ESCC. Download her slideshow here.Health and Social Care changes

The management at Lewes Victoria Hospital is in a state of flux due to the uncertainties due to the legislation not having been passed yet.There are three different levels of management:

– Inpatient care, (on average 22-24 days) uses staff have been transferred to the East Sussex Hospitals Trust. Out of hours care is provided to patients via the SussDoc consortium. Otherwise it is offered by a forensic GP team, similar to the out-of-hours service. It is overseen by Jane Stevens as matron.

– Outpatient care is provided by consultants from the Brighton & Sussex Hospital Trust.

– The minor injuries unit which has been recently improved. It is not clear who employs those staff.

A range of questions that came up at the meeting will be pursued to try and find out answers:

  • What will happen to Orchard House?
  • What plans do East Sussex Hospitals Trust have for the site?
  • How can the link with Brighton hospitals be safeguarded?

A Parking Review meeting was held in Lewes Town Hall on 13 October 2010 to tie in with the start of the ESCC consultation on the parking scheme in Lewes. This meeting was held in conjunction with the Lewes Town Partnership AGM for 2010. The report here below sets out the questions submitted by attendees or submitted in advance by LTP members. Some questions were answered after the event and are also included. See Q&A for Rupert Clubb

The two stage parking review was then carried out during 2011. There was some online debate as to whether the consultants brought in by ESCC were truly independent. ESCC responded that the person concerned was no longer working for NCP but had done in the past.  See whole debate at http://www.lewes.co.uk/Forum/Post/ESSC_parking_scheme_consultants_Atkins_are_NCP!/77223.
Lewes Town Council’s comment on how the consultation process was carried out is also attached here.There are many concerns expressed by them as to whether this consultation was flawed. See below: LTC_Response_to_parking_consultation_Aug_2011

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