Current and recent projects

Current projects

We are working with partners Cycle Lewes , Dr Bike, Lewes Living Streets and Cycle Shack to create an updated Lewes cycle map. It has been a priority for a while to print up an updated version of the map; which has gone through two previous editions, to identify safe routes through the town and the location of cycle racks. This should improve people’s experiences getting about on two wheels around Lewes. The map will also include some ideas for trips to the countryside from the town. Big thanks to Lewes Town Council for their financial support towards this.

Working with the Lewes Area Access Group and local businesses it is aimed to create a project to improve access for disabled people, whether visitors or locals, in the town. This was a topic at the AGM in 2016 and remains a priority for 2017.

Following the success of the first Lewes Fossil Fest it is planned to hold a second one, date is 17th September 2017. More details to follow.

Networking events are held from time to time. The recent Spring one is written up below.

Write up

Car free days out from Lewes leaflet

Our last project was the new map guide for Car Free Days Out from Lewes,  in partnership with Lewes Tourist Information Centre/Lewes District Council and funded by the South Downs National Park. The print run was 10,000 and you can pick up copies free of charge from Lewes Tourist Information Centre, or download them from here: clicking on: Car Free Days Out From Lewes, WEB Map.

car free days out from Lewes leaflets

Car free days out leaflet available from the Tourist Information Centre

We also (March 2016) ran a social media workshop for member organisations in Lewes.We are currently looking into creating a online map/guide of Lewes for people with disabilities and into providing an  improved Christmas shopping experience (including Christmas lights) for Lewes. We are also working with Cycle Lewes to update the cycling map and leaflet.

Our Activities over the past few years can be downloaded as pdfs. Click here for the following:

Activities 2016

Activities 2015

Activities 2014

Activities 2013

We produce a monthly newsletter for members to share news, views and activities with each other. To view our archive of newsletters see here

Send your items to us by the middle of the month to or complete the form below and we will see if we can include it:

There are also various other projects going on in the town supported by the partnership. If you would like to suggest a new piece of work then please contact us at

The Lewes Town Partnership is concerned to work with the Neighbourhood Plan process to see how the town’s future is planned. Working with partners we will be following proposals for the North Street (formerly known as the Phoenix) Quarter . The Directors want to ensure that any community benefit that might come to the town reflect the wishes and needs of the partnership’s members and communities in the town.


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