Landport Living History Exhibition


The Landport Living History Exhibition is a community history project. To find out who lived the houses on the estate in 1939 and what they did, the meaning of the street names in Landport etc, etc. Landport Residents’ Association put on a three day exhibition at the end of October at Landport Youth Centre in Lewes.

 The project’s aim was to engage with people who lived and worked on the estate, and gather their memories of Landport past and present. This was done over a period of several months, and then all the memories were collated and put into a folder for people to browse through at the exhibition.

 As well as this, people were asked for their personal photos of life on the estate and articles of interest. Some material came from The Keep, books on local history, and from Newhaven Fort.

 The exhibition was a great success, with lots of people from the estate and the local area of all ages coming along to see it.  The project has had a very positive response overall and some of the things said in the comments book are as follows- 

  •  ‘I found this all very interesting. A lot of hard work has gone into this display, thank you.’
  •  ‘The sense of community is evident, such a variety of people’s accounts.’
  •  ‘As a new resident really enjoyed seeing and reading some of the history of the area. Great exhibition. Well done.’

 If you would like advice on how to do something similar for where you live, be it on a small or large scale, they would be very happy to talk to you about how they went about it. Please email For those that are interested, much of the exhibition content is available online. Please go to

 My thanks to all the people who contributed to this very successful exhibition. In particular they wish to thank Tenant Participation Officer Sue Wells, for her invaluable help, and Landport Residents’ Association committee members Kirsten Bowen and David Pickbourne.

North Street developments: a chance to find out more

nsqClive Wilding of developers Santon will be the guest speaker on Monday 17th October at Pelham House Hotel starting at 8.00pm after the AGM.He has been asked to give us an update on plans and answer questions. He has been asked to focus specifically on the issue of affordable housing and the proposed new Health Centre. However other topics may come up.

Any questions he cannot answer at the time will be noted here and followed up. Responses will be shared back to members later. All members and friends are welcome to attend and join in the debate.

There is a website