Lewes Stop TTIP

Lewes TTPI eventLewes Stop TTIP group has recently applied for membership of the Lewes Town Partnership.

They’re holding a special event on Sunday 31 May at the All Saints Centre in Lewes about the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership’. They describe it as the ‘trade deal that is currently being negotiated – in secret – between the EU and the US’. Speakers and music; doors open 5.30, with stalls, games and information. Then speakers at 6.30pm and world music from Dj T.A.S.K. and guests. Free entry.

For details see www.lewes-stop-ttip.org


Member profile: Lewes Priory Trust

Reconstruction picture of the Priory in its heyday, from the Lewes Priory website; copyright Andy Gammon

Tucked away on the south side of the railway line to Brighton, Lewes Priory is a notable and rather beautiful medieval ruin, made so much more accessible when opened up a few years ago, with interpretation boards installed and paths laid. It has great value as an educational resource and as a heritage site, for locals and for visitors. Access to the site is free.

The Lewes Priory Trust is responsible for looking after priory and park in which it’s set. Various organisations hold events here, which brings in new people into it – such as Synergy Theatre’s performances of King Lear on 14-16 July, and Heritage Open Days on September 12-13.

Rosey Eggar, who also chairs Lewes Town Partnership says ‘We hope to have a second ‘Lighting the Priory’ event. We did one last year and a huge number of people came, some with picnics, 5000 tea lights were lit and it looked absolutely beautiful.’

‘I think it’s the historical side that’s really special – the interpretation panels brilliantly flesh out the history – it was the first Cluniac priory in this country and became the mother church for the others to be established in this country and was hugely important. But it’s also a lovely park in its own right – there’s always something to look at. And the herb garden looks magnificent – the beds are divided by theme – culinary, medicinal and household.’

‘We’re very proud of our website (www.lewespriory.org.uk) and we have two excellent education officers and lots of school children from Lewes and wider area visit and are learning about the priory.’

‘Being a member of Lewes Town Partnership means I can promote Priory events through the newsletter and website. I’m one of the directors – we meet on a regular basis to ensure the smooth running of the priory.’

Lewes election results May 2015

The following were elected in May’s election

Maria Caulfield (Conservative)

Priory Ward: Adam Barker (Green Party), Stephen Catlin (Independent), Imogen Makepeace (Green Party), Graham John Mayhew (Independent), Ruth O’Keeffe (Independent), Tony Rowell (Green Party)
Castle Ward: Fraser Addecott (Green Party), Annabella Ashby (Green Party), Mike Chartier (Liberal Democrats), Roger Murray (Green Party), Susan Murray (Green Party), Esther Watts (Green Party)
Bridge Ward: Amanda Bolt (Green Party), Richard Burrows (Liberal Democrats), Daisy Cooper (Liberal Democrats), Will Elliott (Liberal Democrats), John Lamb  (Liberal Democrats), Merlin Milner (Liberal Democrats)

Priory Ward: Stephen Catlin (Independent), Ruth O’Keeffe (Independent), Tony Rowell (Green Party)
Castle Ward: Mike Chartier (Liberal Democrats), Susan Murray (Green Party)
Bridge Ward: Joanna Emma Carter (Green Party), Daisy Cooper (Liberal Democrats)