Consultations Consultations Consultations

Just when you think nothing is happening in Lewes we get consultations coming out of our ears! See the latest release of the plans for the design of the North Street Quarter which will be unveiled on 21st September at Lewes Town Hall, see their website. 

Also on the 21st September, and 19th and 20th, we can find out what ESCC is planning for a range of walking, cycling, public transport and road improvements in the town. Also for how the station forecourt might look . Look out for the leaflets on this. Or go to

Travelman blog online always has some interestign comments on these matters – see his latest newsletter

There is the existing planning application to SDNP on the proposed Premier Inn where the Magistrates Court was – see some views on this useful website at

Also the Deport Cinema plans looking to having a cinema at Harvey’s Yard.

So noone can say they haven’t been consulted! But what we need to know is how the different plans, if they are successful, will be brought together in the town so that each doesn’t develop in a vacuum. Don’t forget to make your views known and have your say! We await the Neighbourhood Plan which the town council will lead on.