Public Realm Framework

This is a recent report covering the regeneration of the 5 towns in the district and sets out what changes could be made that might create better physical townscapes. This study has been commissioned by Lewes District Council Economic Development department and can be viewed by downloading the following pdfs, warning they are large files.

Update: The joint submission from members of the partnership including Lewes Living Streets and Cycle Lewes can be viewed here. There were various concerns about the nature of the study and some of its findings. However overall the key observations about the issues facing Lewes as a town were supported. Lewes District Public Realm Framework Lewes response

Note if you have any problems reading the consultants’ reports below you may need to download the pdfs and then enlarge the pages on your screen to view. Pages 47-50 cover the Lewes proposals. Text from the report relevant to Lewes town has been captured in the Word document below.

Consultation Summary Report_Pages 1_20_1

Consultation Summary Report_Pages 21-44

Consultation Summary Report_Pages 45-55

A resume of the main points referring to Lewes town are attached here as a Word file Consultation with a deadline of 18th April for comments