Neighbourhood Plan for Lewes

The Town Council is the body which is tasked with producing the Neighbourhood Plan. The initial launch event was held during the day on Sat 16th Feb and had a good turnout from local people wishing to know more. The Town Partnership will work with the Town Council to ensure that our member groups are well linked into the next stages of producing the plan and will sit on the advisory group with other volunteer residents (open to anyone, contact the Council if interested). The Council’s aim is to embrace the views of all of the population of the town and to that end they will produce other mechanisms through which people can get involved. Go to their website for more information Lewes town council website.

Locally Ringmer are further advanced in developing their plan, and Newick is also creating one. Within the South Downs National Park Petersfield is a town similar to Lewes and has started work on theirs. The SDNP provide some funds to help pay for the costs of producing the plans, and advise on what elements may require a local referendum.See their slides here .