Notes from the networking meeting

What you said in response to the four areas of concern for 2013 in Lewes town were:

1. The North Street Quarter development- Key points that came up were
a)  Want to see housing for a mix of age groups; b)  Mixed housing, especially affordable housing, and workspaces; c) Ensure a positive enhancement to the town; d)     Open up the riverside and make it a feature fitting into the wider town
Everyone has been encouraged to participate in the consultation events on 19th and 29th January, the website for the development is another route by which to add your views.Go to This is only the start of the involvement that local people can have in steering this development. We will keep people informed via this newsletter.

2. Transport and Tourism – discussion focused on various issues:
a)Promotion and publicity about being in the SDNP, Not sure whose job it is to develop signage about the town being in the national park. How well is the town promoted externally and also once people are arriving by road or rail?
A lot of visitors know why they have come eg Antiques shops, Bill’s, walking, Glyndebourne, the Castle etc but what about other people eg foreign visitors arriving at Newhaven, foreign students, people on holiday in Brighton?
b) B&Bs and other accommodation. Is there enough provision?  In particular where can groups of 7-10 stay together without paying Shelley’s or Pelham House prices. Why does the TIC not promote the independent B&Bs when they are actually inspected?  Someone thought that this policy was going to change. More training for potential B&B providers might increase the supply in the town.
c)Parking and traffic eg where will the commercial vehicle and buses park if North Street is developed and parking spaces are lost? Better parking provision, eg multi story and signage from car parks to the town needed.
d) How easy is it for visitors to get around town and out to the countryside amenities? There was a discussion about potential tourist bus routes.

3.Youth projects and the arts –  is there space for a purpose built arts centre in the new NSQ development? But what would that mean for All Saints and other venues in the town? There are many school and church halls and other venues eg the threatened St Mary’s Social Centre, are they all well used? Would an audit of existing provision be a good idea? Also the LTP to find out what has happened to the Youth Forum that used to meet.

4.Health walks and Cycling – there were a range of ideas and comment here which will be fed back to those who are delivering the Local Sustainable Transport Fund projects. You can read about what was in the LSTF bid here in which there are a range of Government funded initiatives that will be rolled out in Lewes over the next 2-3 years to improve the walking and cycling experience. These will include supporting the the Hike n’ Bike event being planned for 28 May – 2 June.