Recycling used coffee grounds project

From 26 September you can now pick up used coffee grounds for nothing from Costa coffee, on the Precinct in Lewes, thanks to LTP and Lewes Town Council. These can be used on compost heaps to improve the mix; as a liquid feed or as a barrier to stop slugs and snails getting to plants.

A small grant from Lewes Town Council has funded stickers used to seal the bags and to give information of how to use the grounds. 

Re-using coffee grounds not only helps reduce waste, it helps to make your garden grow too.

  • Add to compost piles to increase nitrogen balance – coffee grounds break down rapidly during composting
  • Dilute with water for a gentle, fast-acting liquid fertilizer.  Use approximately 250g of wet grounds in a 20 litre bucket of water and let sit outdoors to achieve ambient temperature.
  • Mix into soil for houseplants or new vegetable beds
  • Encircle the base of plants with a coffee ground and eggshell barrier to repel pests.




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